Jun 13

TRY THIS to discover how well you are aging and how long you may live!

Strength, flexibility and balance are key predictors for longevity and aging well according to a study carried out by Brazilian physician Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo and his colleagues . Check out the BBC Youtube video to learn more about the test.


How do you IMPROVE your score and MEASURE that you have improved?

Step 1:  Do the Sit and Rise Fitness Test at home and calculate your score. If your score is under 8 proceed to step 2

Step 2:  If you are not already stretching, incorporate simple stretches into your week (or join a yoga class).

Step 3:  With the advice of a personal trainer, discuss a strength training program that is right for you. And train 2-3x weekly. Always with the correct posture.

Step 4:  Try this for 6 weeks.

Step 5:  Retest yourself in the sit and rise fitness test. Notice the difference.


The good news is that every point you move up the scale reduces your risk significantly,  according to Araújo’s study.

So get moving and get exercising!

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