Jun 09

Therapeutic Thai massage, uncovering a hidden gem

Thousands of years ago, in ancient India, the buddhist community developed a traditional healing art, which has become what we know of today as Thai massage.

Alongside traditional Chinese medicine, the Indian practices spread and evolved throughout Thailand, becoming the first point of contact in the medical system.  Although Thai massage has been enjoyed throughout Thailand, in most areas it has become quite popular with tourists, however has lost many of its therapeutic origins.   Recently, the western world has begun to delve into the therapeutic foundation and, working with more traditional practitioners in Thailand, have begun to practice this wonderful ancient art of preventative and holistic healing. Unfortunately, this practice is often misinterpreted due to the use of the term ‘massage’  and the widespread use of swedish-type table massage used in spas across North America.


Therapeutic Thai massage promotes longevity and stimulates the body to heal itself through a targeted sequence of  muscle compression, joint mobilization, acupressure and stretching where the therapist works with the client on a comfortable mat on the floor, using bolsters as props to ensure utmost comfort.


Through my experience, the therapeutic nature has been very successful in stroke recovery and rehabilitation, reduction of tingling in hands and feet, lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

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