Jun 06

How would you rate your shoulder health?

Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most complex joint in the body, consisting of four separate joints?

And on top of that, there is less stability at the shoulder than any other joint in the body since three bones form the shoulder. This makes it critical that the muscles and tendons surrounding your shoulder are healthy and are worked and stretched on a regular basis. Repeated arm movement, sitting at a desk for long periods of time or lack of exercise can destabilize the health of this key joint leading to posture imbalances and restriction of movement. And, of course, as we age, our body’s ability to heal itself changes tempo.

Thai bodywork and targeted strength training exercises are wonderful ways to improve mobility and health of this crucial joint.

Thai massage is different from traditional massage as it is done with the client in comfortable clothing, consisting of gentle stretching and joint mobilization work customized to the needs of the client.

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