About Michele Young

Michele Young

Master of Science degree (Msc) from the University of British Columbia, Registered with the Association of Naturopath and Naturotherapists of Quebec; Canfit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and Thai Massage practitioner.

With over 20 years learning and practicing various disciplines, I have developed a thorough personal practice in strength training/nutrition, yoga and pilates and spent over 14 years practicing mindfulness meditation. It was through my training in therapeutic massage that I began my formal education in bodywork, anatomy, physiology and helping relationships which led me to decide to realign my life’s work with my passion for health and working with people .

The majority of my career has been spent in the pharmaceutical industry (Glaxo, Lilly, AstraZeneca) , studying the human body and its response to pain and disease from both a genetic and human biology perspective, to instilling best practice continuous improvement and quality methods.

As the Director of Continuous Improvement, leading corporate quality and change initiatives and through my personal experience with Thai massage, it became clear to me that fitness, health and my professional skills in quality and continuous improvement could be combined and directly applied to more effectively improve one’s overall health and quality of life.

Having struggled myself with health issues from severe intolerance to beauty products and a bout with depression, I sought out natural methods to stay healthy and , one step at a time, was able to overcome these challenges.  My focus area is therapeutic work, helping people of all ages attain their goals and overcome health and fitness challenges.

So….   join me on this exciting journey to learning, improving and living healthier and happier lives!

Michele Young