Meraki Holistic Health provides a unique offering of targeted therapy or integrated wellness programs which use functional fitness and therapeutic bodywork/massage techniques to help you develop a sustainable path towards health and happiness.

Strong Mind • Strong Body

The following may be key elements of the program depending upon your needs:

  • Pilates; whether it is equilibrating muscle strength/flexibility or improving joint mobility through targeted training, stretching and improving general fitness for those dealing with disease or recovery or improving strength and agility in adults to help live a more active life.
  • Thai massage can be therapeutic for individuals who suffer from a variety of indications such as muscle pain, stress and anxiety, nervous system challenges such as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome, skeletal disorders such as scoliosis, digestive system challenges; constipation, crohn’s disease as well as fascia related pathologies such as plantar fasciitis, scar tissue and posture imbalance.
  • Customized wellness programs based on the healing art of Thai Yoga massage and Pilates.

When I reflect on the past 20 years in my own life, I give thanks to the benefits of a holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing.  It is my passion to share and help others achieve their fitness goals in the same way.

Lets make it happen!
Michele Young

About me

* Servicing Beaconsfield, Pointe Claire, Kirkland, Bale D’Urfe, St. Anne de Bellevue, Rigaud, Hudson and St. Lazare.


Therapeutic Thai Massage

Therapeutic Thai Massage

Experience the unique and powerful healing benefits of Thai Yoga Massage.
Thai yoga massage is an eastern form of healing, which believes that to treat an illness, one must treat the whole body as an interconnected system in order to achieve and maintain harmony and good overall health. More info »

Home Care & Wellness Programs

Home Care & Wellness Programs

Need help getting back on track ?  

If you a need home care service which works with you to improve strength, balance, assisted stretching and massage , inquire about the customized wellness program. More Info…



Would you benefit from Pilates?  
Are you needing to catch up physically? Improve strength, balance and joint health?  Dealing with functional challenges due to personal challenges, disease or recovery from illness?



Various massage types offered:  Relaxation massage, Deep Tissue , Ashiatsu, Hot stone

Contact Michele @ 514 346 8093 for scheduling



Take the Meraki fitness questionnaire and contact Michele for a complimentary assessment and discussion about your customized program:



Wellness Programs

  • Increase overall strength, balance & flexibility
  • Improved circulation, increased energy
  • Pilates and Thai Bodywork
  • Inquire for pricing options
  • Best results with 2-3x weekly

Massage/ Thai Yoga Massage

  • Massages are given daily
  • Dress in comfortable clothing for Thai Yoga Massage
  • 80$/ 60 mins
  • 120$/ 90 mins
  • 5$ additional for travel for home visits

Insurance receipts available upon request

Seniors rates apply for individuals 65 or older

Meraki products
Meraki products
Meraki products
Meraki products
I had a stroke February 2017. After rehab I worked with Michele on a regular basis. At the beginning, I could not walk, I suffered from lower back pain, my hands felt tingling and my feet sometimes felt like they were on fire. We worked together 3x per week using stretching, massage, exercise. I am so happy with the results , I can now walk without my walker or cane and the pain in my back, hands and feet has been reduced so much. I sleep much better after my sessions with her. I really feel like I am another person, I was not sure I would ever make progress like this.- FM
``A friend of mine suggested I try Thaí massage to help ease muscle pain in my shoulders due to training and to improve my overall flexibility. I was skeptical at first as I'm not a massage person. After my first massage, I’m definitely going back for more. What a difference this has made. Feeling great!``- CB
I have been looking for the right treatment for my lower back pain. Michele's thai massage was so effective in finding the right pressure points and stretching that the relief was remarkable. I finally got through the night without back pain.- EP

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Michele Young

Call or Text : 514 346-8093



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